The transport and assembly of mobile homes and prefabricated houses is a topic that intrigues those who are willing to buy a mobile home or a prefabricated house, obviously referring to the procedures, methods and techniques of installation. On this page we offer a series of videos and photos explaining the procedures for transporting and assembling mobile homes of SIB Case products. In particular, the ease and speed with which our products are delivered and the simplicity of assembly and activation operations are illustrated.

The building system of mobile homes allows to create complex surfaces of different sizes able to meet the different housing needs, it allows savings in terms of transport and assembly speed, the fully finished house includes: under plaster systems, indoor and outdoor plasters, bathroom tiling, internal and external doors and windows, roof waterproofing is transported “re-compacted”. In this way the installation time of a structure is considerably reduced; in a few hours the structure is already habitable.

The HOMOLOGATION obtained by the Ministry of Transport as a trailer “set up as a mobile home for home use”, derives from a project that emphasizes the ease of transport, comfort and reliability of a traditional home, respecting the external dimensions foreseen by the highway code (7.30 mt long x 2.55 mt width x 4.00 mt height). The stiffness given by the load – bearing frame and the non – deformability of the perimeter walls give the housing / trailer complex, excellent qualities of strength and resistance both during road transport and during the use of the structure.

La CARTA DI CIRCOLAZIONE e la TARGA con la quale la casa mobile viene fornita, permette di viaggiare su strada e la casa mobile può essere spostata tutte le volte che si desidera anche mediante un semplice carroattrezzi.

The REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE and the NUMBER PLATE with which the mobile home is provided, allow you to travel on the road and the mobile home can be moved as many times as you want even by a simple wrecker.

The house provided with a number plate can circulate on the road, be boarded on ferries and moved to where the customer wishes, the function is very similar to that of the caravan. The SIB MOBILE HOME can be made independent by inserting a technical compartment with containers for white water and wastewater and with the installation of a small photovoltaic system equipped with batteries and inverter generator. Customers are required to pay the annual car tax which varies from region to region and it costs approximately € 20.00.