Ecosustainability of the SIB Mobile Home

SIB CASE MOBILI meets to the criterion of eco efficiency, when we talk about eco efficiency we mean the sum between the amount of energy used to produce the material, that one used for its disposal and the energy that the insulating product is able to save during its use.

New combinations with PVC frames have improved the thermal insulation performance and have placed the new generation SIB home in a dominant position in terms of eco efficiency.

Energy saving is meant as a global vision, the company proposes a construction system that respects the environment and eliminates energy waste, achieving the goals of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • reduction of energy consumption by 40-60%
  • reduction of the potential of the thermal system (or less exploitation)
  • elimination of the second curtain wall and of the usual interspace, more living space
  • high comfort in thev houses, even in summer
  • sensible reduction of atmospheric pollution, following the reduction of fuel consumption, by virtue of a better functioning of the thermal system
  • complete elimination of thermal bridges due to beams, floors, etc.
  • little maintenance
  • unlimited durability, all the materials used in the construction such as steel, rubber and eps are stable and long-lasting as well as being all recyclable materials

Energy efficiency should be one of the objectives that must guide the consumer today, while respecting the environment and an ecosystem that is constantly tested by consumer choices, choosing a SIB home means making an informed choice.



The construction system makes it possible to create overall surfaces of variable dimensions.


Sib Case realizes a steel and anti seismic system of construction for the houses, starting from a steel supporting base.