Here we have the most frequently asked questions by visitors and users of our site or those who approach the world of mobile and prefabricated homes for the first time. We have gathered them all in order to answer to the curiosities and requests that we are more frequently asked.
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What kind of maintenance is carried out on the mobile home?

The mobile home requires ordinary maintenance: the internal and external re-painting, if necessary, the periodic visual inspection of the state of conservation of the slate roofing sheath and of the rainwater downpipes.

Are the houses expandable?

Yes, all the houses can be expanded. During the planning phase it is possible to decide to prepare the structure for future surface extension: the connections between one module and another are always possible and are carried out when the enlargement is carried out.

Do you pay taxes as a second home?

For the authorized prefabricated houses you pay the tax on the building like all civil houses. When talking about mobile homes you pay the car tax as per a special trailer.

Can mobile homes be placed on non-building land?

The placement of mobile homes can be regulated by the town planning of the pertinent Municipality , or, if this is not available, directly by the Municipality, which can decide whether or not to allow the parking of mobile facilities, also issuing temporary authorizations. In order to acquire the necessary information it is better to contact a specialist who works in the area. Regulations are different for the latest products designed by SIB, that is ITALA 32 and ITALA 40. These two are created to meet temporary or seasonal needs. This new type of mobile home, similar to a caravan, can be parked, “unfolded” in just two hours and used for short periods, and at the end of use can be removed, this also takes a couple of hours, and then taken away to storage, in special parking lots or in boat or buses depots or something similar, waiting to be reassembled the following holiday season. The ‘closing up’ and removal intervention can be performed by two non-specialized people. We invite you to view the videos about the transport and assembly of these two models

Are there any used houses?

SIB does not have used mobile houses and it is almost impossible to find them on the second-hand market. Those who buy our facilities tend not to sell them for different reasons: they are highly customized products and those who buy them always have a unique product. Generally, the customer feels like he is the designer and not just the user of the product, thus creating a very strong bond with the good. It is also a durable and reconvertible product for different uses over time.