Mobile Homes on wheels

The Sib Mobile Homes are modular buildings on wheels, ranging in size from 18 square meters up. They are totally built on the production site of the company and they do not need foundations, but only simple supplementary works at the time they are delivered. The technical peculiarity of these mobile structures is the use of a modular design allowing a growing size, combined with a telescopic system. This particular system permits the smallest module to slide into the larger one, so the house can be easily expanded and it reaches the conventional maximum size allowed for road transport (max. width mt. 2.55 – max. height mt. 4.00). The houses can be provided with number plate and registration certificate. The mobile modules are transported in Italy and abroad, by road and by sea, on merchant ships or ferries. They may eventually be removed from SIB staff at any time, without any structural dismantling operation, preserving the status of the places with no waste material around.