Prefabricated Houses

The prefabricated and residential houses are manufactured by SIB CASE according to a specific design and are the result of the application of manufacturing techniques and processes in order to improve and ensure the maximum quality of the final product. The materials and systems used are patented and they guarantee the realization of energy-efficient and eco friendly homes.
It’s necessary for the customer to own a piece of land on which a building project has already been approved or be in a position that it will be possible to obtain it. The SIB PREFABRICATED HOUSE is a modular structure, built in compliance with anti-seismic building codes (DM 14/01/2008). Architectural choices and finishings of the house can be custom-made. The SIB company aims to provide an important support through its technical department, which is a flexible and dynamic one and it is ready to study all executive solutions for the realization of each project.

The prefabricated modules are totally built on the production site of the company (frame, walls, window fixtures, various systems and flooring) with the highest quality materials and the finest finishings as per specification. They respond to a high standard of thermal and acoustic comfort, to anti-seismic regulations, they are long-lasting and eco-friendly houses.
Once the house is finished, it is transported and installed at the customer’s place in a few days. The structure is anchored to the concrete platform, which has been previously built by the customer according to the geological survey of the terrain.