Building safe houses: not an exception, but the rule

Unconventional in terms of architectural forms. Steel technology is, in effect, also an alternative for the construction market. If, however, it is widespread abroad (especially in Great Britain and the United States), in Italy it is still largely unknown, despite the presence of companies that are investing in patents and innovation.

Unlike the brick, this is a completely dry construction, with no pouring on site, with important advantages both in terms of construction speed and the impact of the work. The components, prefabricated, are assembled in the company: both for the structural parts and, in many cases, for the complementary ones too.

struttura portante case mobili

Anti-seismic house, features

The first thing to keep in mind when preparing to build a house is the seismic risk assessment, ie the calculation of what the geo-morphological effect of an earthquake could be, to understand how the land will respond to the earthquake.

From steel to EPS, construction is renewed

Why prefer houses built with building systems in EPS?

In all those areas where the seismic risk is high, it is good that specific materials are used during the construction of any structure; in this field, the constructive systems in EPS are the most suitable systems for the construction of earthquake-proof houses. This material is generally used as an insulator on floors and walls, but it also has a noticeable positive effect as regards stability during the earthquake, as the weight of the structure itself is less than in normal houses, and therefore the structure will react in a different way to the stresses of the ground. Thanks to the research and development of innovative technological processes Sib Case realizes houses with high standards, able to offer certainty in terms of safety and a quality that lasts over time.

The construction system of Sib Case provides as a starting point a criterion implying the use of materials and techniques in order to make the houses anti-seismic. For many years it has been designing and building exclusively anti-seismic buildings. With regard to housing, Sib Case has designed a system for the construction of anti-seismic steel houses, built starting from a steel supporting base. Steel is the most ductile material and it is used to better control movements if a seismic event happens and, in addition, the hot-dip galvanized steel lasts over time without maintenance and deterioration of performance.

In what we are different from others

Our construction technology is not limited to a catalog of “typical” houses, each project is tailor-made to meet the most varied needs, such as a tailor-made suit specially designed to fit the individual. We do not have a single style and a single type of finish: we can range from the warmest and most welcoming traditional home to the most essential and sought-after modern home; the proposed specifications are variable and adaptable to every single request or requirement; also the load-bearing walls can be varied in the structural and finishing composition, according to the requests or requirements which, from time to time, are assessed with care and meticulousness; we can build buildings on several floors and expansions both horizontally and vertically (elevations).

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Efficient and Eco friendly. Choosing a SIB house means making a conscoius choice.


The construction system makes it possible to create overall surfaces of variable dimensions.